Initiative 42 fails to pass

Initiative 42 fails to pass

PINE BELT - According to the Associated Press, voters have failed to pass Initiative 42.

Voters opted not to amend the constitution, thus making votes for Initiative 42 or 42 A null.

Initiative Measure No. 42 asked voters if they believed the "state be required to provide for the support of an adequate and efficient system of free public schools."

The ballot summary read:

Initiative Measure #42 would have protected each child's fundamental right to educational opportunity through the 12th grade by amending Section 201 of the Mississippi Constitution to require that the State must provide and the legislature must fund an adequate and efficient system of free public schools. This initiative would also have authorized the chancery courts of this State to enforce this section with appropriate injunctive relief.

Alternative Measure No. 42 A asked voters if they believed the Legislature should "provide for the establishment and support of effective free public schools without judicial enforcement".

The ballot measure read:

This constitutional amendment was proposed as a legislative alternative measure to Initiative Measure No. 42 and would require the Legislature to provide, by general law, for the establishment, maintenance and support of an effective system of free public schools.

Many Mississippi voters were confused at the polls when trying to vote for Initiative 42.

Over 298,000 voters voted against amending the constitution, but over 400,000 voted for either option.