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Hattiesburg's city ordinance bans items being thrown from parade floats


Whether you’re riding on the floats or standing on the streets, many people will argue that the most exciting part of a parade especially for kids is to catch some candy. 

Hattiesburg City Council President (Ward 1) Kim Bradley agrees.

“I think that’s a lot of fun being able to throw the beads and to throw the things," Bradley said. 

The candy thrown at last week’s Halloween parade was deemed inappropriate by many people.

“You always have someone (that) has ruined it for everyone else," Bradley said.

The incident brought attention to the city's parade ordinance, which does not allow items to be thrown from parade floats.

“The ordinance does not allow you to throw beads or to throw candy,” Bradley added.

He said he is confident the city council will change the ordinance.

“I think the city is going to be proactive here and we’re not going to let this stop what has become successful events throughout the year,” Bradley said.

Seven on Your Side reached out to parade organizers to see who is responsible for throwing out the phallic shaped candy, but our calls were unanswered.

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