Female football player plays on the offensive line

Female football player plays on the offensive line

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - It is not completely uncommon now-a-days to find a girl on the football team, but what about on the offensive line?

Lumberton High School freshman Montye Cook decided she could hold that line with the best of them.

"I'm proud of her, she's a trailblazer. Most girls that play are kickers," Head Coach Zach Jones said.

Cooke originally thought she might try out for the cheerleading team, but decided a helmet and shoulder pads were more her style.

When concern was raised of Cooke getting hit too hard by the boys, Coach Jones said she could hold her own.

"One day I heard one of the guys tell her he was going to knock her out, and she said no I'm going to hit you first," said Jones.

Cooke said she had to tell her teammates it was alright to hit her. " I just tell them I'm going to play football and I am going to get hit every once in awhile, so hit me like you would hit anyone else on the team," said Cooke.

The team was shocked when they learned a girl would be joining the squad, but Cooke said, "Now they just treat me like I am on of the guys, no special treatment."

Keenon Cooke, Montye's mother, said, "I think it is extraordinary that they allowed her to play and that she is actually a player and not just on the team. I am very proud that my town and my community has accepted her as a football player."