Hattiesburg High School hosts School Resource Alliance Meeting

Hattiesburg High School hosts School Resource Alliance Meeting

HATTIESBURG, MS - Several officers from different school districts in the Pine Belt gathered at Hattiesburg High School for a School Resource Officer Alliance Meeting.

These meetings are held a few times a year to address the latest techniques and how different school districts deal with various incidents in school.

Laws pertaining to sex offenders on campus and the Spring Valley High School incident in South Carolina were both on the agenda.

The Spring Valley High School incident which involved a South Carolina school resource officer slamming a student to the ground for refusing to leave the class room has left many wondering how a similar situation would be handled in their school district.

Tony Davis, Hattiesburg Chief of Resource Officers, said his primary goal is to deescalate a situation before it has the opportunity to become a bigger problem.

"I've got a mouth piece on me," Davis said,"I can talk just about any student down. Actually putting hands on somebody is a last resort."

Currently, there are four school resource officers in the Hattiesburg Public School district .

"First, you have to be a police officer," Davis said.

"For three years. You have to go through the academy. Usually from 14 to 16 weeks. And then once they finish that they have a 40 hour course the state puts on they have to complete."

Davis said knowing the children in the schools is one of the best ways to prevent future incidences.

"It might not look like it, but I walk about five miles a day," Davis said "And in that five miles, all I do is talk to children all day long. I have a repore with them and sometimes when they mess up they'll find me. You have to know your children."

Davis said two arrest have been made this year.