Two candidates in the running for Forrest County Coroner

Two candidates in the running for Forrest County Coroner
Forrest County Coroner candidates

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Two men are in the running for the Forrest County Coroner position.

Long-term republican incumbent Butch Benedict, and his independent challenger, Daniel Casada are both on the November ballot.

Benedict has been a part of the coroner's office for 21 years, and served as the Forrest County Coroner for the past 15 years. One thing he said is a necessity is experience.

"The experience a coroner has to have in this line of work; my degree is in mortuary science, so I deal with the changes that a person goes through when they die, in the coroner's office you need to know that to determine the cause and manner of death and that's what we do," said Forrest County Coroner Butch Benedict.

Casada is no stranger to the medical field. The Forrest County native has a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing, and currently taking on the role as a registers nurse.

"I have been a nurse for 10 years, worked like I said, ER and ICU experience, I feel like I have the medical knowledge to help me come to conclusions, draw conclusions and determine causes of death," said candidate Daniel Casada.

Both candidates said the public and people's families are in their best interest, and they just want to help.

"When the doctors and the nurses cannot do anything else, the patient passes away, that's when we are called," said Benedict. "One of the hardest things about being coroner is to notify the next of kin, the death did occur, whether it was accidental or other situations."

"I really feel strongly about my community and feel like I can provide a service to my neighbors and family, it just felt like this would be a good opportunity for me to provide a service to my community," said Casada.

Both candidates campaigns revolve around caring for the community.

"Just really connecting with the community and I really feel a strong passion to provide services and care to those that are in my community," said Casada.

"Probably the best part to my job is if I can ease the pain for just a moment for them, that gives me peace and that's my reward, when they say thank you for all you've done, that's my reward right there," said Benedict.