Sheriff: Ex-husband opens fire on ex-wife's home

Sheriff: Ex-husband opens fire on ex-wife's home

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - According to the Jones County Sheriff's Department, a Moselle man and his family were exiting their vehicle after coming home from homecoming festivities when shots rang out around them, hitting their residence.

The man hurried his family back into the vehicle and as he was pulling out to leave, he saw a truck that was recognized by his wife as her ex-husband's, Vencient Faler, 35 of Moselle.

The family, which consisted of Faler's ex-wife, their 12-year-old daughter, the husband and 2-year-old child, continued to follow the truck until they could positively identify Faler as the driver.

The family turned around for fear of being shot at again, and contacted the Jones County Sheriff's Department.

When deputies arrived at the victims' home, they found 9 shell casings in the road and projectiles in the home that went through walls.

Faler's ex-wife stated she had no trouble with him and has been divorced from him for years.

Faler has had no contact with the daughter.

The victims knew Faler's address and relayed it to deputies.

Deputies arrived at Faler's residence, found him there and without incident took him into custody.

Faler was charged with drive-by shooting.

Deputies also recovered the firearm believed to have been involved in the incident.

Faler's bond was set at $75,000.