Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi hosts Mississippi's Walk for Diabetes

Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi hosts Mississippi's Walk for Diabetes

Dozens of people participated in Mississippi's Walk for Diabetes hosted by the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi.

This was the 6th walk out of 7 walks this fall put on by the foundation.

Several local businesses like Southern Eye Center, Hattiesburg Clinic, and Forrest General Hospital participated in the walk.

Many people with diabetes and diabetes supporters also participated in the event.

This is the ninth year John Pace and his team John Boy  have participated in Mississippi's Walk for Diabetes.

"Well we're the only non- corporate team that does multiple walks," said Pace.

"We've done the Jackson Walk, Meridian Walk, we're doing the Hattiesburg walk, then we'll do Oxford.

The walk was held along Longleaf Trace.

Program Coordinator Sarah Abraham said the money raised from the walk will help to support school programs, diabetes patients and buy medical supplies.

"It is really fun to be able to see others connect with other people or for us to be able to introduce a four year old child to a 24 year old girl who has diabetes," said Abraham.

"To say, here's a role model, here's somebody who has lived well with diabetes, and here's something you can look forward to."

All of the proceeds from the event stay in the state of Mississippi.

The next walk will be held in Oxford, Mississippi on November 8, 2015.