Today's Viewpoint: HPD policy hinders transparency

Today's Viewpoint: HPD policy hinders transparency

Our news team has shared information with you in a story concerning the recently released policy by the Hattiesburg Police Department requiring all media to submit questions in writing before all interviews.

I would like to express the concern I have for this new policy and share how it impedes us from doing the job we are committed to as an advocate for you and our community.

It is against our policy to submit questions in advance to any organization. I do not see how we could conduct a verifiable investigation for our viewers without being able to ask follow-up questions. Every journalist should strive to be as good a listener as they are an interviewer. It is in the follow-up question where we regularly get to the heart of the matter.

I hope that HPD Chief Parker will reconsider this policy in the spirit of full transparency and meet with all media without the stipulation of pre-approved questions.

This is today's viewpoint.