Pine Belt woman cannot access money on Rush Card

Pine Belt woman cannot access money on Rush Card

JASPER COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Thousands of customers who have the pre-paid debit card, Rush card, cannot access their money more than a week after technical problems.

According to the company's Facebook page, a software upgrade in the card's transaction processing system caused customers' accounts to show a zero balance.

Jasmine Brown of Heidelberg said she still has not received her pay check that was supposed to be a direct deposit.

"I got an email saying that they're going to update the system. You guys are a big corporation, you guys haven't been able to solve this problem in almost two weeks," Brown said.

Brown said she has called the company several times but has been given the run-around.

"Usually when you call, the phone will ring or whatever, and then the phone will start ringing and then hang up, over and over again," Brown said.

Financial advisor Jim Rasberry said having more than one reputable pre-paid card can help to avoid situations like this one.

"If something was to happen to the issuing entities, you don't have all your money in that card," Rasberry said.

Brown said if she could speak with Russell Simmons personally, she would have a lot to say.

"He's been rich for a while, and I don't think he understands the struggle of the working class," Brown said.