AG candidate addresses local sheriff's race at luncheon

AG candidate addresses local sheriff's race at luncheon
Mike Hurst

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Forrest-Lamar Republican Women held its annual luncheon today at the Movie Star restaurant in Oak Grove.

The attendees got a chance to catch up on local politics and fellowship over lunch.

Forrest County Sheriff's candidate Charlie Sims, Lamar County Circuit Clerk Martin Hankins, as well as Sen. John Polk were on hand.

Former U.S. Attorney and Attorney General Candidate Mike Hurst was the guest speaker for the event and touched on a few hot topics, including a local sheriff's race in the Pine Belt.

Hurst noted that one of his main goals, if elected to office, is to battle public corruption.

The topic of Forrest County Sheriff Billy McGee and the comments made to a local newspaper about an ongoing federal investigation being closed were discussed as well.

"I find it surprising that Sheriff McGee knows whether a federal investigation is over and done, all I can say is what I investigated, and what I prosecuted," Hurst said. "We convicted two employees of the jail for conspiracy to steal food and fabricate documents, a lot of money that was lost, I can't say whether the investigation is ongoing or completed, but I will say as attorney general I will follow a lead wherever it goes and we will prosecute whoever breaks the law."

Hurst touched on topics relevant to his platform including having a presence in Jackson, and not "running the Attorney General's office from an iPhone," along with battling against tough issues with other attorney generals to take on President Barack Obama.

Hurst referenced low voter turnout and encouraged everyone to go out and vote and that as a group, Mississippi can make the changes and have republicans control the main offices across the state.

Hurst will continue his campaign trail through the state and potentially make another stop in the Hub City before the Nov. 3 general election.

"We are running against a 20-year career politician who hasn't been doing his job, not pushing back against President Obama, not prosecuting public corruption and we are the only ones that are going to stand up to him," Hurst said.