Strata Solar farm approved to build in Hattiesburg

Strata Solar farm approved to build in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Strata Solar has been approved by the Hattiesburg City Council Tuesday night to build a 460-acre solar farm along Bonhomie Road.

The farm could give power to 7,500 homes through a purchase agreement by Mississippi Power.

Councilman Carter Carroll made an amendment to the Strata Solar motion that the buffer around that particular plant be 60 feet instead of the 50 feet, which was initially suggested.

He and Councilman Henry Naylor praised Strata Solar for speaking with concerned residents Monday night and answering their questions.

Mississippi power media representative Jeff Shepard said the company will buy the power from Strata Solar, and then it will be added to its system to be available to customers.

However, it will not replace traditional generating plants.

The public service commission has a meeting in November to approve or deny the Mississippi power and Strata Solar agreement and determine price for customers.

Other items on the agenda approved included a covered patio addition at T-Bones and the ADP's request to transfer Green Bay Converting papers to Sofidel company.