HPSD apologizes for weekend noise complaint in Facebook post

HPSD apologizes for weekend noise complaint in Facebook post

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Public School District issued an apology on its Facebook page Monday morning after multiple complaints of noise from Hattiesburg High School Sunday night.

According to a concerned citizen, the hit Lifetime Show "Bring It!" was at the high school for a dance competition.

Multiple private Facebook messages to the WDAM Facebook page spoke of sexually explicit music playing into the night.

According to the school, the production of the television show was very loud and disturbed residents in the surrounding areas.

According to the district administration, from now on they will be revisiting expectations of future events at the school.

Residents took to social media under the post with their frustrations.

"All that had to be done was to turn down the volume," one resident said.

"The noise went on until almost 10 p.m. It was very disrespectful," said another resident.

One Facebook user expressed hope of the district taking into consideration future guidelines for filming at the school.

"I hope the district also reviews the quality of production being filmed on campus. The characters featured in this program show no respect for other competitors or judges, displaying poor sportsmanship on a constant basis. This is not what the district should endorse as appropriate competitive behavior."

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