Pine Belt Chevrolet relocating to Bellevue

Pine Belt Chevrolet relocating to Bellevue
Pine Belt Chevrolet

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Bellevue community of Lamar County will soon be the new home to a major car dealership.

Pine Belt Chevrolet will move from its location on Highway 11 in Purvis to a plot of land in Bellevue.

"We acquired the Chevrolet dealership over a year ago and we have been working to grow that business, we have recently grown it to a point where we feel like we need some more traffic in front of our store," Pine Belt Chevrolet General Manager Jared Waldrop said.

That section of land falls just west of Highway 589, and south of U.S. 98.

"We just feel like that is one of the best locations that is available that we can move to and this is just one of those steps," Waldrop said.

Waldrop and others were on hand today during a special called meeting with the Lamar County Planning Commission to discuss an ordinance regarding the facility.

"It's all about how many people you can get to pass in front of your store, and so in Purvis you are looking at maybe 1,400 people travel that road, and so that number will increase from about 1,400 people a day to up to nearly 30,000 people a day, and that will be an extreme amount of exposure for our new business," Waldrop said.

The Pine Belt Chevrolet location in Purvis will close, and they will move all of their operations to the Bellevue Community, but they are unsure what will be done with the Purvis location.

"Meeting with the planning commission and the board are just things we are trying to do and to be sure that the county and GM are all on the same page about this," Waldrop said.

Ground work to level the site has already begun just off U.S. 98 and early estimates for the completion aims for July 2016.

The proposed Mayor of Bellevue John Adcock issued the following statement about the announcement:

"The announcement that Pine Belt Chevrolet is moving to Bellevue is just more evidence
that Bellevue is the right place to grow in the future. It's the exact type of business growth
that we have been experiencing for many years in Bellevue. Clearly, there's more growth to
come that will help provide a good tax base to sustain the City of Bellevue once the
incorporation process is done. As the Citizens of Bellevue continue building support for
incorporation so people here can control their own destiny, the Pine Belt Chevrolet
announcement is a good step in providing the right foundation for an economic foundation
in our community as it will bring additional sales tax revenue to be invested in Bellevue."
Citizens of Bellevue is a group organized to lead the effort to incorporate Bellevue as a city.
As part of the incorporation procedures to become a new city in Mississippi, a petition
must be filed in chancery court that includes several elements including signatures from
two-thirds of registered voters in the proposed incorporation area. In addition, a proposed
group of officers including a Mayor and Alderpersons must be submitted. Citizens of
Bellevue are now in the process of gathering the required signatures needed from twothirds
of the registered voters in the area who support the incorporation of Bellevue.
Visit for more information and additional details regarding the
petition process as well as ways to connect through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to
stay updated about key developments of the City of Bellevue.