Southern Miss Career Services Office hosts fall career fair

Southern Miss Career Services Office hosts fall career fair

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - About 1,200 students passed through the USM career fair Wednesday afternoon at the Thad Cochran Center on the Hattiesburg campus.

"We really encourage them to take this opportunity to practice  professional communication, practice their elevator pitch and really make the most of it," Tonya McGee of USM Career Services said. "Many are here searching for part time jobs, internships and full time jobs but as well as just practicing being in the career field."

According to a USM press release, the career fair at Southern Miss provides a great opportunity for students and alumni to meet more than 85 employers who are looking for student workers, interns and full-time employees. Some of these employers include IBM, Johnson and Johnson and many more. Numerous graduate schools also attended.

"I'm very impressed with some of the applicants they seem to have their careers laid out for what they want to do and ambitious," said Terry Walley with Huntington Ingalls Shipbuilding. "Some of them have a bit of nervousness  but that's just typical with the situation that they are in not knowing what the real world is going to be like and trying to figure out where they want to go.

A couple graduate students weighed in on the career fair experience.

Jaspreet Jaggi graduate student, USM college of business, "I think this is an excellent networking opportunity, you have employers from a variety of industries and senior people out here," said Jaspreet Jaggi, a graduate student of the USM College of Business. "You can talk to them and actually get a sense of the culture of the company."

Another College of Business graduate student David Summerlin said he found the career fair experience very rewarding.

"There is a lot of professionals here," Summerlin said. "They are very friendly (and) welcoming and want to talk to you and there is a lot of opportunity in sales and business and graduate programs for people graduating."

USM Career Services holds the job fair every year during the spring (mid February) and the fall (mid October).