Lines wear off on second day of Miss. Power refund selection

Lines wear off on second day of Miss. Power refund selection

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - People who waited just one day to select their refund option in person through Mississippi Power had much shorter lines to deal with.

"We have basically tripled our staff, especially in the call center," Mississippi Power's Billy Snyder said of the company's preparations for the refund period.

The company is refunding customers who were serviced between April 2013 and July 2015 after the Mississippi Supreme Court found the Public Service Commission in violation for allowing rate hikes as a way to fund the Kemper County Power Plant.

Current customers can select either a refund check or a bill credit, and former customers automatically receive a refund check.

The lines in several locations Monday wrapped around the outside of buildings, but the Hattiesburg office Tuesday had a steady line of about 20 people when Seven On Your Side was there at noon and mid afternoon.

"Surprisingly, it moved pretty fast, and I didn't have to wait too long, and they were pretty helpful," customer Brian Levine said.

Another customer, T.Y. Dixon, made her selection over the phone on the first day, which she said was completed in about 20 minutes.

Snyder said their systems showed the longest wait time on phones was less than three minutes. Mississippi Power increased their manpower in the call center to have nearly 200 people manning 142 call lines.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 60,000 people made selections for their refund, with 40,000 of those selections being online. Snyder said there were 370,000 eligible customers.

"On November 9, the refund credit starts showing up on people's bills, and the checks are then processed and sent out," Snyder explained. "We're hoping all the check will be sent out no later than December 4."

Snyder reiterated that it did not matter when customers selected their refund, whether it be today or next week. Current customers who do not personally select their refund will automatically receive a bill credit.

The deadline for refund selection is October 30. For more information on how to select a refund, click here.