UPDATE: Seminary Mayor, city clerk, alderman and others resign

UPDATE: Seminary Mayor, city clerk, alderman and others resign
The mayor's name has been removed from the Seminary Mayor's office building.
Seminary City Hall has been locked. Only a note remains.
Seminary City Hall has been locked. Only a note remains.
The note left on the Seminary City Hall's locked door.
The note left on the Seminary City Hall's locked door.

SEMINARY, MS (WDAM) - The Seminary City Hall's doors are locked and the mayor's name has been removed from the building, and the city will now move forward without four top officials.

During a special-called meeting Thursday night at City Hall, current aldermen announced the resignation of Mayor Billy Karolyi, City Clerk Charlotte Dunn, Alderman David Daniel and Public Works employee Buddy Miller.

A mayor pro-tem was put into place, being Alderwoman Dawn Kelly.

"We had to call a special meeting to elect a pro-tem mayor and also to have a clerk that will be able to take care of our town business," Kelly said.

The special-called meeting ended after three items regarding the resignations were addressed, but still did not answer the questions from the public as to what brought this on.

It was when the meeting ended that tensions ran high.

Alderman Freddy Bullock addressed the crowd and said the problem was Alderwoman Billy Jo Harrell. Harrell had no comment in the matter, yet her sister came to her defense and went toe-to-toe with Bullock.

Kelly said in the midst of their argument that this was inappropriate and the city is better than this.

"She wants to change this every month, she wants to do this or that you know, she was the problem and behind it all," Bullock said.

Arguing between Bullock and Harrell's family members spilled over into the parking lot, but was quickly shut down by bystanders.

"We have got everything under control, you know our town is going to run just fine as usual," Kelly said.

When asked why the resignations were brought forward all at once, she was brief, even citing the mayor's health and desire to travel places with his family.

"I mean there were some differences of opinions and things in our town, but that is expected, that is in every town that you go in," Kelly said.

The resignations will be made official during the next scheduled city meeting and from that point the city will hold a special election within 45 days to fill the mayor and alder-person positions.

Previous details:

A letter hanging outside city hall says the meeting will take place at 6 p.m. in the board room of City Hall.

The meeting topics listed to be discussed are the election of mayor pro-tem, appointment of a town/city clerk and a discussion of public works department.

Mayor Karolyi has served as the Seminary mayor for just over 22 years.

"Mayor Karolyi was my 8th grade algebra teacher, and track coach in high school. He has been an outstanding leader and someone I have always looked up to and it has been an honor to serve as his police chief," said Seminary Police Chief Michael Kelly.

Chief Kelly could not comment further on the matter but referenced the meeting at 6 p.m.

Officials stated other people involved with the city could possibly resign as well, but clarified nothing regarding their status will be confirmed until the meeting tonight.

At this time no resignation letters have been accepted by officials in the city, that is set to take place during the special called meeting.