Runoff runner-up fights to get on November ballot

Runoff runner-up fights to get on November ballot

PERRY COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A democratic Perry County supervisor candidate, who finished second in the runoff election, wants his name added to the November ballot after the winner resigned.

Clayton Hinton said he only lost the democratic nomination be a few votes in the run off, and now said he wants voters in Perry County to have a choice in who represents them. Hinton said the governor and attorney general's offices plan to appoint the republican candidate as the District 5 Supervisor, which he does not agree with.

"That's the part that bothers me the most," Hinton said. "They're appointing this republican candidate without giving the people in Perry County and District 5 the choice to choose who they want. That's the problem."

Hinton said democrat Bert Hartfield dropped out of the November election because of health concerns, and said he has been trying to get on the ballot ever since.

"We don't need an appointed supervisor or an appointed official in any capacity," Hinton said. "We need the right to choose. Being that I am a willing party to run for the Democratic position, I should have the right to be on the ballot, so the people of Perry County, whether I win or lose, I should have that right to be on there and they should have that right to choose."

According to MS Code § 23-15-839, if there is only one qualified candidate for an election, "...the board of supervisors shall dispense with the election and shall appoint the candidate so certified to fill the unexpired term. The clerk of the board shall certify to the Secretary of State the candidate so appointed to serve in said office and that candidate shall be commissioned by the governor."