SLIDESHOW: Most Instagrammed places in the U.S.

SLIDESHOW: Most Instagrammed places in the U.S.

The favored photo sharing site Instagram now has more than 400 million users who have shared a whopping 40 billion photos.

In fact, 75 percent of users live outside the U.S.

One question that might be lingering in your mind is: What and where exactly are users snapping photos of?

A travel website called busbud explored which U.S. destinations were referred to the most on Instagram. The most popular? The plethora of parks and geographic landmarks found from the West Coast to the Eastern Seaboard.

According to BGR, the travel website described its methodology for compiling the Instagram photo hunt by "using the location type and name of the popular locations on TripAdvisor across the United States and Canada. We looked at which locations produced the most hashtags for Instagram posts  and ranked them in every state, province and territory."

Busbud also put together a chart of where people take the most Instagram pictures across the nation. Whether it is visiting a national park or a botanical garden, the majority of people enjoy taking photos outside with or without a proud selfie stick.

Top five instagrammed location types across the U.S.:

1. Parks

2. State Parks

3. Wineries & Vineyards

4. Historic Sites

5. Gardens

Do you know what the most Instagrammed location in Mississippi? Click through the slideshow to find out!