Local university talks safety after Oregon college shooting

Local university talks safety after Oregon college shooting

HATTIESBURG, MS - The shooting on a college campus in Oregon has left many parents and schools around the country concerned about the safety of students, including William Carey University.

Executive Vice President and Provost Scott Hummel said the university makes a point to reevaluate its safety plans every year.

"We have a crisis management plan that the university prepares annually so that we know what we're going to do and how we're going to respond," Hummel said.

Communication is a key way the school tries to prevent danger or harm that may affect students and faculty.

"We have what we call a Sader alert," Hummel said. "On your phone you would immediately get a text or a phone call. And on your computer and in all the offices. It doesn't matter what you're working on. An emergency screen would actually override anything that you're working on."

The university has not needed to use the alerts for emergencies involving a campus shooter, but they do use the alerts for various emergencies.

"The only time we've had to use it is for weather emergencies," said Valerie Bridgeforth, vice president of student support. "Most recently they received information via Sader alert for any tornado activity."

Many students said they did not fear danger on campus because of the strict security the university currently has in place.

"Many of our security guards are armed so I feel they would be able to handle an emergency that occurred on campus," said Hannah Lott. "They are always driving around."

"We get plenty of emails and calls and our RA's will come and help us leave the building and take us to a safe place," said Teresa Holliman.

The Sader Alerts are free.