Facebook post leads to domestic assault in Jones County

Facebook post leads to domestic assault in Jones County
Trishalen Butts, 25 of Laurel
Trishalen Butts, 25 of Laurel

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from the Jones County Sheriff's Department.

On Friday night, Jones County Deputies responded to a complaint of domestic violence on Lower Myrick Road.

Deputies met with Trishalen Butts, 25 of Laurel, at a location near the residence where the incident took place.

Trishalen Butts reported the altercation between her husband, Rion Butts, 26 of Laurel, and her had been escalating from an argument that began the Tuesday before.

On Sept. 29, the couple had a verbal argument over disciplinary action involving their son.  Trishalen Butts and the child left the residence that night, and did not return.

The following Friday, Trishalen Butts returned to the residence with intentions of confronting Rion Butts regarding a Facebook post that upset her.  When getting out of her vehicle, she put her firearm in the small of her back and went inside the residence.

After a verbal confrontation over the Facebook post, Rion Butts pushed her to get her away from him.

Trishalen Butts then pulls her gun out in an attempt to scare him.

As he tried to get the weapon from her, the gun fired into a wall of the residence.  Rion Butts tossed the gun and the physical altercation continued.  Trishalen Butts then leaves and calls 911.

Deputies met Trishalen Butts nearby and were also dispatched to the residence where Rion Butts was located.  Both were taken into custody.  Rion Butts was charged with simple assault – domestic violence and Trishalen Butts was charged with aggravated assault – domestic violence.

Her bond was set at $2,500.