Joe's Viewpoint: Responsible Gun Ownership

Joe's Viewpoint: Responsible Gun Ownership

Our news team has recently reported that auto burglaries are on the rise in Hattiesburg and in Lamar County. In many instances these crimes occurred involving vehicles that were left unlocked.

The thieves are just going from car to car checking to see which ones are open. In just six days in Lamar County 16 of these car burglaries occurred.

And in just over a week 20 in Hattiesburg, all 20 according to HPD did not involve "forced entry".  While this sounds unsettling, what is particularly scary is that 9 guns were stolen in the process.

Allowing unregistered guns to get on the streets in the hands of criminals exposes all of us to danger. While I support the right of people to keep and bear arms, I also support responsible gun ownership.

Please heed the advice of law enforcement. Lock your car and take your weapons inside your home. These simple responsible acts can help make the Pine Belt a safer place for all of us.

This is today's viewpoint.