Demolition continues at Hercules plant

Demolition continues at Hercules plant

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hercules Plant in Hattiesburg is undergoing a major project.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality said parts of the site are being demolished, including warehouses.

"There has been demolition on the site since March and will continue until December," MDEQ Communications Director Robbie Wilbur said. "Asbestos abatement is being done prior to their demolition."

Seven on your Side is waiting on a response from MDEQ regarding safety hazards and the structure removal process, as well as how much of the site will be cleared.
Businessman Larry Dubose, who has worked across from Hercules for 15 years, said he had concerns with the site and the current demolition.
"Everyone is asking, what's happening at Hercules?" Dubose said of surrounding businesses and residents.

"Of course there are concerns when there's a big tent built to cover up chemicals, and we don't know what kind of chemicals are in there when our parking lot is sinking. We don't know if anything underground may have caused the parking lot to sink. There's a smell every day that's so bad that even when you open your office doors, you can't get rid of the smell," Dubose said.

Dubose said he received periodic correspondence from MDEQ when projects started and completed. The department also has reports on this site.

Wilbur said the removal of sludge from the impoundment basin onsite is ongoing. That initial cleanup started in July.