Hattiesburg native accepts proposal on NBC's 'The Voice'

Hattiesburg native accepts proposal on NBC's 'The Voice'

HATTIESBURG, MS - Friends, family and judges were all surprised when Jubal Lee Young pulled a first on "The Voice" and proposed to his singing partner Amanda Preslar after their blind audition.

"I mean I just walked off stage and started bawling for days after that," Preslar said. "You know it just hit me like a ton of bricks."

Preslar lives in Oklahoma with her now fiancé, but said her fondness memories are of her childhood in the Hub City.

She was born and raised in Hattiesburg.

"My grandparents and all my family that still live there and friends," Preslar said. "It just feels so good to have Hattiesburg cheering for us and rooting for us."

Preslar said singing at Grace Temple Ministries in Hattiesburg helped her find her voice.

"Performance legs, if you will, were given to me and my sisters in the church," Preslar said.

"So it was just really neat to have that platform and moving on to an even bigger stage now on 'The Voice.'"

The couple is thrilled by the support they have received from viewers and are glad to have one another as they go forward competing on Team Pharrell.