The First lady launches #62MillionGirls

The First lady launches #62MillionGirls

WASHINGTON, DC - This is a press release from the White House. 

Today, more than 62 million girls worldwide are out of school. Many of them simply can't afford the school fees, or the nearest school is miles away, or they just can't break through the cultural norms and traditions that deem girls unworthy of an education.

That is why the First Lady teamed up with Girl Rising to launch a new education campaign: 62 Million Girls.

All you have to do is share a photo of yourself on Twitter or Instagram telling the world what you learned in school – something you want 62 million girls to have the opportunity to learn. Make sure you use the hashtag #62MillionGirls and then go to

to see what other people like Stephen Colbert, Misty Copeland, Freida Pinto, and more are sharing and learn why this is a moral crisis that we can help address.

If you don't think young girls around the world understand just how important their own education is, read this letter that Chawanzi – a "girl guide" from Zambia – who wrote to the President about the importance of empowering girls and women with opportunity.

Read the First Lady's message about this campaign and then check out to learn more.