Volunteers landscape homes rebuilt after Columbia tornado

Volunteers landscape homes rebuilt after Columbia tornado

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Dozens of volunteers and the Columbia Strong organization teamed up Saturday to landscape some homes that were rebuilt after last year's deadly tornado.

The volunteers planted grass, flower beds and did other work in several neighborhoods that were devastated by the twister that struck the town on Dec. 23, 2014.

The Columbia Strong organization rebuilt 23 homes for storm victims. The organization also coordinated debris removal from dozens of other homes.

"What they're doing is such a blessing, it's like unbelievable," said Martha Gardner, one of the storm victims whose home was rebuilt by Columbia Strong. "And I'm just so thankful for everybody and everything that they have done."

"It's easy to sit around and look and say what's not happening, but to actually lend a hand and get dirty and serve and help someone who actually is in need, it's a great thing," said Lacey Montgomery, one of the volunteers who was working with her young daughter, Isley.

"This is kind of our last hurrah, to do some landscaping at all of the homes and I wouldn't miss it, it's been a really neat experience," said Jeff Dungan, another volunteer with Columbia Strong.

About 150 volunteers worked on the landscaping project.