School superintendent discusses bus safety

School superintendent discusses bus safety

The bus took a hard hit on its left rear, but the children on the bus were safe.

Superintendent of Covington County Clay Anglin said it is a priority to make sure children get to and from school safely every day.

"Every year we send our bus drivers to a retraining to get their commercial driver's licenses re-approved," Anglin said.

Alerts are sent out to parents and the public in cases of emergency.

"We did contact the local agencies and the radio station," Anglin said. "We also have a call out system that we use in our school district."

There are many warning signs for drivers.

"A school bus is yellow, you can see it," Anglin said. "The yellow lights that come on. We're giving you plenty of time to let you know to slow down and to be cautious that we are about to stop."

Anglin said he hopes schools can find a safer way to pick up kids that live off the highway.