Video of innovative math competition in Prentiss goes viral

Video of innovative math competition in Prentiss goes viral

PRENTISS, MS (WDAM) - A short video of students at J. E. Johnson Elementary School in Prentiss participating in an innovative new math competition has gone viral.

The one-minute cell phone video, shot Sept. 17 by principal Carrie Hammond-Walker, shows sixth grade students in the school's hallway, competing in a game called "Fact Dash."

It uses flash cards to help children remember important concepts, particularly in math.

Everyday at 2:15 p.m., all classes in every grade take part.

"It shows that we are so out of the box" said Hammond-Walker. "We do not sit in those desks and learn as usual. Everything is our classroom, from the cafeteria to the gym to the hallways."

"The kids are being challenged to learn their facts instantaneously, within seconds, as they compete against their classmates in other classes," said Jerel Showers, a teacher at the school who's seen on the video using the flash cards. "And the class that gets the most wins, the most correct answers out of that "Fact Dash" competition, is the class that wins for the day."

Winning classes for the month get a "blast party," complete with a DJ and healthy snacks.

So far, the video has been viewed more than 100,000 times on Facebook.

Teachers have been using the new game for about five weeks. About 470 students attend the school.