Palmer's Crossing community pushes for police precinct

Palmer's Crossing community pushes for police precinct

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - For years now, the Hattiesburg Police Substation in Palmer's Crossing has gone unused, and community members would like to see it turned into a precinct.

"Over five years ago we request that we will have a police prescient here in our area, the precinct never took place but there was a substation that came," said Palmer's Crossing Community Action Team Resident Agent, Nathan Jordan.

The substation was put in place roughly five years ago, but never used.

"I think it would be a great help, a tremendous help to the community in so much that there is apartments and there are housings and there is traffic that is increasing in our community and that calls for a greater demand for safety," said Jordan.

Members of the community have addressed concerns of having the substation activated during city council meetings; however members of the council say that's a decision that can only be made by the command staff of the police department.

Seven on your side made several attempts to reach out to the police department for answers but received no comment.

"Let us all come together and do those necessary things that it takes to make our community a safer place," said Jordan. "Safety is our number one goal, safety is what it is about and we need the protection of our police officers and we would love to have them present in the Palmer's Crossing community."

Community leaders say they will continue to request an increased police presence in their neighborhood, and are willing to do their part to help any way they can.

During a Thursday night community meeting, the Community Action Team addressed their ability to write grants and help the department acquire funding or anything they may need to get the ball rolling on activating the substation.