MSU graduates push for flag change in song, “Free”

MSU graduates push for flag change in song, “Free”

JACKSON, MS (WDAM) - As a stormy debate settles down about the possible change of the Mississippi state flag, two former Mississippi State University students are still pushing an initiative to remove the Confederate part of the flag.

And their drive is all signified in a song just released called "Free."

Seth Power, a white pop/alternative rock artist, and D. Horton, an indie African-American hip-hop artist, met up with N.OW. Entertainment, a Jackson-based indie label, and recorded and released "Free" on Sept. 12.

The song stemmed from the two artists seeing other states, like Alabama, attribute the Confederate flag as an emblem of painful history. But, since the Magnolia state is still locked in debate about the change, it inspired Power and Horton to create the song.

"David Horton and I have recently written, recorded and released a song in an effort to lend our voices to a growing movement of people who are trying to change the MS flag to one that represents us ALL. It's time we stop clinging to the past and look towards the future. Please like and share if you support," said Power in a recent Facebook post.

In the music video, the two sing to the melody while wearing t-shirts with #changeMissflag written across the front.

Power and Horton said the lyrics in the song are about unity, acceptance, blending and tolerance.

According to their Facebook pages, Power is from Brandon, Mississippi, and Horton is from Detroit, Michigan, and both studied at Mississippi State University.

Just a day before "Free" was released, country rockers Steve Earle & The Dukes also recorded a song, "Mississippi, It's Time," according to WRBCTV. The song was a fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center and sends a similar message to change the rebel emblem on the state flag.