Laurel mayor pushes for employee raises

Laurel mayor pushes for employee raises

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - After Monday's special city council meeting in Laurel, city workers are probably banking on extra money on their paychecks in the upcoming fiscal year. Mayor Johnny Magee said he is pushing for the raises.

"There is still a possibility for the raise to come," Magee said.

Councilman Manuel Jones said there is not enough money for a pay increase for city employees.

Jones said he is not opposed to city workers getting the raises. But if the money is not there, it cannot happen.

"Right now we cannot give a raise and go up on taxes and think everything is going to balance out.  It's not gonna happen," Jones said.

The city's finance director, Mary Ann Hess, said money for the raise is still configured in the budget.

"The way I interpreted the motion is that they adopted the budget with the pay raises and the only amendment that was made was to cut out the 1 and a half mills so, the pay raise is still in there," Hess said.

At a budget agenda meeting Wednesday, Jones said, this issue will be resolved at the next city council meeting.

"Now why it's not out, I can't explain, but if it's not out it will be out by Tuesday," Jones said.