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Petal student raises funds for autism in classmate's honor

Logan's t-shirt design from Logan's t-shirt design from
Logan and Houston Logan and Houston

It all started with a simple classroom routine. 

Every morning in a Petal 8th grade classrooms, students start their day with a routine called "Wish you well." The exercise allows students to get whatever is bothering them off of their chests before the school day starts. 

"It can be something to celebrate, or an ill family member, anything that might be important to them," said Kim Hinton, a Petal math teacher. "That way, the students can know why their classmate might be distracted, and are able to lift them up throughout the day."

What Hinton did not realize is that one circumstance would resonate with one of her students, and inspire them to raise funds for a national charity. 

"Last week, one of my students with autism, Houston, said he wished he could focus more and be less scatter-brained," Hinton said. "It can be frustrating for Houston because he can become distracted. That's when Logan decided to help."

Logan Baggett, one of Hinton's students, went home over the weekend and researched autism. He sent Hinton the following email: 

I was walking in Walmart and I saw those silly Confederate flag shirts and thought anyone could make those and make money off of them. And then it hit me.

In Wish Well Friday, Houston's remark about trying to become less scatterbrained really hit me. And then I thought, "What can I do to help him?"

So today, I used some photo editing software to make a Southern Pride t-shirt, because I had heard about this website called Customink. I turned out pretty well.

I thought of Houston, and how he has autism, and I couldn't help but wonder what impact I could make.

Until I remembered the geese video that I saw in Mrs. A's class...

Well this goose is gonna work with his other geese to raise money for AutismSpeaks, a charity that helps autistic children. I have made a t-Shirt, and as silly as it may be, if I can sell enough of them, I think I could really change the way people see people like Houston.

I would like to announce this in class Monday, so that all the students and their parents can buy a t-shirt for Houston. All profits will go to AutismSpeaks, and I hope that by the time this fundraiser is over, everyone in Petal will have a silly Southern Pride t-shirt in honor of Houston.

I have set up a fundraiser on this site called Booster. Here's the

Because this hasn't really been done in Petal before, I'm closing the fundraiser on the 18th. But if its successful, I can extend the time limit.

Just an idea to ponder,


Logan has sold 35 t-shirts in honor of his classmate. Although the funds raised will not go directly to Houston, the money raised will go toward the national non-profit Autism Speaks. Donations for the non-profit go toward research to finding a cure for autism.

"The shirt says Autism Speaks, Petal Speaks louder," Hinton said."I just thought it was so sweet because Logan came up with this completely on his own just to help out Houston."

To purchase a shirt, click here. 

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