Powerful noose photos questions racism in America

Powerful noose photos questions racism in America

BROOKLYN, NY - Moise Morancy of Brooklyn, New York tweeted four self-portraits of himself in a noose on Monday.The photographs of #ItDoesntMatter on twitter is soul capturing through each pair of viewing eyes. The 20-year-old New Yorker is an artist, actor and musician. He is identical in each noose photo which are accompanied with an American flag tied around his neck.

However there is something more prominent in the photo than a noose or running tears, it's his black skin. Morancy dressed as a different character a graduate, a prisoner, a professional and a gang member. In his interview with the BBC Trending he shared he found his inspiration from watching a news report on an African American father who gave his children a rather strict dress code.

"He forbid them from wearing dressing sneakers, hoodies or anything that could be seen as 'hood' or 'ghetto'," Morancy says. "I've given many speeches to youth groups, and sometimes misguided young people tell me that the way you dress will give you validation and respect in society. I disagree."

Morancy goes on to discuss that he wants the photography to be viewed more as subtle and metaphorical.

"Martin Luther King was killed in a suit," he says, "Trevyon Martin -" the Florida teenager who was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer in 2012 "- was killed in street clothes and a hoodie."

The hashtag #ItDoesntMatter has been used more than 23,000 times this week.