Security heightened at Pine Belt schools after 9-11 threat

Security heightened at Pine Belt schools after 9-11 threat

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - A Facebook post claiming people will target school's to kill kids has heightened security at some Pine Belt schools.

"We have had nothing to verify that the Facebook threat is real," said Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith. "We have added extra security to the areas around and in the schools throughout Perry County, just as a precaution."

The Facebook post claims "The black panthers have been given the order to go into schools and colleges and kill all to white kids and teachers they've also been given the order to kill all white cops and crackers".

Security has been increased at schools around Forrest, Marion and Lamar Counties as well.

"Social media has everyone up at arms, but there has been nothing to show the threat is credible," said Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel.

"I have spoken to people with multiple state and government agencies and none of them have said the threat is credible in any way," said Smith.

Parents and students at the Petal School District, inside Forrest County will also see more officers than normal.

"We did increase security and patrols, but we do that every 9-11," said Petal Police Chief Leonard Fuller. "The school administration and school police asked us to have an extra presence, so our guys as well as the Forrest County Sheriff's Department are all in the area."

Fuller said that there was also no credible threat, or anything that proved to be truthful about the post circulating around social media.

"There is no credible threat that we know of, but we are just going to be in and around the schools all day providing extra security, as well as have increased patrols and officers tonight at the football game," said Fuller. "We just want everyone to operate and go about their day as usual."