"Grading Gameday" blog sparks social media outrage

"Grading Gameday" blog sparks social media outrage

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A student-run blog called "Maroon State of Mind" posted a scathing review of the game day atmosphere at The University of Southern Mississippi.

The blog post quickly made the rounds on social media, sparking a debate between USM and MSU fans.

The blog post opens with the author, Andy Tentoni, admitting he did not attend the game, and was just re-hashing a friend's experience.

The author highlights in not-so-nice terms the trouble with traffic, not being able to use cowbells in the stadium, and the quality of the university's band.

"The atmosphere at The Rock does not come close to what we have at DWS.  But again, this is a CUSA cellar dweller.  What did we think we'd experience?" said Tentoni in his blog post.

Tentoni released a retraction after claiming personal attacks were made towards the girl he featured in the article.

The blog was taken down after many USM and MSU fans voiced their concerns with the post in the comments section. However, a google webcache version of the blog is still being shared across social media platforms.

"Wow! There is nothing unfriendly about USM or its alumni...The logistics of playing in a city the size of Hattiesburg is much different than playing in Starkville. Sounds like the Bulldogs were a little embarrassed by their second rate showing against a mere CUSA team. Sour grapes for sure," said one user named Tammie.

"I think the young lady has a very limited view of what went on campus that day and every game day. There were thousands of tailgate spots across campus populated with both State and Southern Miss fans. At ours almost half were state fans this past weekend. I can assure you any state fan could have walked up to any spot to watch game on one of the many big screens and would have given plenty of food and drink. As for parking, plenty around campus for 20 dollars. Last time I was at state and auburn I parked a lot further away," said one user named Larry Bell.

After the blog post went viral, a student named Tyler Ladner penned a rebuttal blog post, defending the game day experience at The Rock. His post highlighted free Buffalo Wild Wings being passed out by the Student Government Association, friendly rivalry while tailgating, and his opinion of the half-time show.

"The Golden Eagle Band, more commonly referred to as The Pride of Mississippi, put on an outstanding performance that had the entire crowd singing and dancing along. This comes as a shock to me since someone claimed they were "about the quality of a good high school band." Dang, then why were they crowned the overall winner of the International Band Parade in Ireland?" Ladner said in his post.

Ladner wrapped up his post by grading the author, giving him a D- for his blog post.

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UPDATE: On Thursday, a different blogger for Maroon State of Mind named Danny Davis wrote a tribute to The Pride band here.