SLIDESHOW: Kid approved lunchbox ideas

SLIDESHOW: Kid approved lunchbox ideas

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Every mom and dad who makes their children's lunch wants to avoid one thing — it going into the trash. Children often become bored with their lunch which might result in throwing it away or trading healthier foods for something with more sugar. Kick out the same old lunchbox routine and add a little sunshine inside your baby's box. Here are five quick and easy lunchbox ideas for the next packed lunch:

1. Lunchbox pizza quesadilla:

Two-eight inches flour tortillas (small size to fit in lunchbox), three tablespoons spaghetti sauce or three tablespoons pizza sauce, one-forth cup shredded cheese, eight slices of pepperoni. For directions click here.

2. Ants on a log:

Eight celery ribs each cut into three pieces (three to four inches each), eight ounces cheesecake cream cheese spread or eight ounces cream cheese spread and half cup raisins or half cup yogurt covered raisins. For directions click here.

3. Peanut butter jelly apple roll ups:

Two tablespoons creamy peanut butter, four teaspoons jam, one apple, cut into thin wedges (remove apple skins), one teaspoon melted butter, two teaspoons sugar and one-eighth teaspoon ground cinnamon. For directions click here.

4. Ham and cheese muffins:

Two cups self-rising flour, half teaspoon baking soda, one cup milk, half cup mayonnaise, half cup finely chopped, fully cooked ham and half cup shredded cheddar cheese. For directions click here.

5. Cinnamon apple chips:

One-forth cup confectioners' sugar, two teaspoons ground cinnamon and two large apples. For directions click here.