Katrina couple renews vows 10 years after storm

Katrina couple renews vows 10 years after storm
Jennifer and Todd Jackson held their wedding days after Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast.
Jennifer and Todd Jackson held their wedding days after Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The couple featured in Seven on Your Side's Katrina Untold: Ten Years Later who had their wedding plans turned upside down because of the storm renewed their vows this weekend for their 10 year anniversary.

Todd Jackson planned the celebration in secret, surprising his wife Jennifer with "the wedding she never had."

The vow renewal was held a the original wedding venue, the Cultural Center in downtown Hattiesburg, and was the more traditional celebration that the storm ruined.

One guest said even the cake was made to match the original design Jennifer wanted.

Todd said he revealed the plan to his wife Friday morning and said she was absolutely shocked.

Misty Pignato, Maid of Honor at the wedding 10 years ago, said she and a couple of the other bridesmaids were on hand to give Jennifer the pre-wedding pampering she missed out on the first time.

"She finally got the bridal day she never had," Pignato said. "Today was a big day. We took her to get her hair done, make-up done, manicure, pedicure."

Pignato said she was in on the surprise planning from the beginning, and she and the other bridesmaids had dresses for Jennifer at the ready.

"We had four different dresses for her to pick out of, and she picked which one she wanted," Piganto said. "She actually picked the one I bought! So I was excited. And then when we got back home, Todd had a limo waiting and swept her off. And now we're here and get to see a beautiful- the day that she wanted. I think she finally got the day that she wanted."

Even though the original wedding was not anywhere close to the ideal situation, Pignato said she wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else right after the storm.

"The whole day I was like 'oh this is not going to work,' but once you got there and you were around it, it was the was beautiful," she said. "It was what weddings are supposed to be. It wasn't about all the fou-fou, the glitter, the glam. It was just about them two, and it was just pure love. You could just see it."

Pignato called Todd and Jennifer "the model couple."

"I just got married last year, and I've always said, 'when I get married I want to be like Jennifer and Todd."