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How to acquire Labor Day grill skills in one hour

The onion rub The onion rub
Muffin tray Muffin tray
Wood chips Wood chips
The fish brine The fish brine
Foil Ball for cleaning grill Foil Ball for cleaning grill

On Monday, Sept. 7, the country will celebrate Labor Day. Family and friends across America will gather in a backyard to share hot fresh barbecue off the grill. However, this year step up your grill game with a few basic tips to make the best barbecue this year. Here are five cooking techniques you should add to your routine: 

1. The onion rub: 

Take an onion and cut it in half. Rub the inside layered part on the metal rack of your heated grill. This will keep your meat from sticking on the grill. 

2. Muffin condiment tray: 

Use a muffin tray to serve condiments faster. Fill each muffin hole with ketchup, mustard and mayo. Finish it off with a spoon inside and each person can dip their own serving. 

3. For grilled flavor: 

Take a handful of wood chips and let them soak inside a bowl of water for 30 minutes. Then place them in foil, wrap and poke small holes into the foil. Place on top of hot charcoal inside grill. This will give your food more flavor.

4. The fish brine:

Add about one-third of salt to a bowl of water and place piece of fish inside. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Once done grill and your fish will not fall apart. 

5. Foil grill cleaner: 

Take a piece of foil and make it into a ball. Take the foil ball and rub it up and down the metal rack to gt rid of left over grim. This will make it easier to clean your rack when done. 

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