Paranormal activity in Jones County or something else?

Paranormal activity in Jones County or something else?

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - People from all across the globe believe in paranormal activity, whether it's through spiritual means or unexplainable occurrences.

One Jones County couple said a series of unique photographs has them questioning their own beliefs. Ian Johnstone and Dei Dei Mapp were camping in a primitive area of the Big Ten Water Park on August 29.

Around 7:00 p.m. the couple sat by the lake to watch the sun set. Mapp decided to photograph the landscape, but after snapping two pictures she looked back at the photos and noticed a strange orb-like sphere in both photos.

Mapp said she thoroughly cleaned her lens and snapped a few more photos, thinking it must have been something stuck on the camera.

The next four photos were taken all within a 60 second window and show the same orb slowly rising to the sky before it is lost the sunlight and clouds.

Johnstone and Mapp said they have been contacted by several paranormal fanatics since speaking out about the pictures.

Today WDAM is speaking to the couple about their experience.

NOTE: The photos shown above were not altered during the copying process.