Soldier saves dog at training base

Soldier saves dog at training base

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A soldier training at Camp Shelby saved a dog during his short time at the base, but he had to give the dog to a local adoption rescue when he was sent back to Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

"Absolutely doesn't meet a stranger," Lieutenant Jon Eaton said about the pit bull mix he named Struggle.

Lt. Eaton saw Struggle by one of the base's exits and said he "looked half dead." When Eaton came back, the dog was befriended by the gate guards.

"[We were] getting ready to leave, and a guy actually ran him over while we were at the gate," Eaton said.

Several trips to the veterinarian later, Eaton had to look for a place for Struggle to go before he left for North Carolina. After contacting 13 agencies who turned Struggle away for either lack of room or other reason, Lt. Eaton found Southern Cross Animal Rescue in Jones County.

"We're always very appreciative of our folks in the military, our law enforcement and firefighters," SCAR President Heather Williams said. "They just prove every day, in cases like this, that they deserve the thanks that we give."

Williams said SCAR was at full capacity a few weeks ago, which is normal this time of year, but thanks to a recent transport of animals, they had room for Struggle.

"There's way more animals in need than people willing to help," Williams said.

Eaton said Struggle is a "loving dog" who gets along with other dogs, and he hopes Struggle will find a good home soon.

"I hope for a full recovery and pictures and video updates," Eaton said.

To learn more about adopting Struggle, contact SCAR at 601-433-5807 or visit their Facebook page.