Purvis man falls victim to Waynesboro check forgery suspect

Purvis man falls victim to Waynesboro check forgery suspect

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - Ronnie Touchstone is the owner of Touchstone Electrical Company in Purvis. He said he was shocked to learn that someone was forging checks in his company's name.

"I had the bank call me one day and tell me they had a man trying to cash a check on me down at Lumberton," Touchstone said.

The man that Touchstone is referring to is Shad Nichols, 45. According to investigator Don Hopkins with the Waynesboro Police Department, Nichols has been cashing a lot of fake checks, so they are looking for him.

"He's cashed several checks from a business, forged the checks and forged them in various names and cashed them at several, banks," Hopkins said. "He's suspected in two cases, one in Quitman and one in Meridian."

Touchstone said after the first incident, his local bank told him to close his account, but he received another phone call from a different bank.

"It was down on the coast and he was trying to cash a check down there, but the checking account had been stopped," Touchstone said.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Nichols, call the Waynesboro Police Department at (540) 942-6675