Family of Jasper Co. murder victim speaks out

Family of Jasper Co. murder victim speaks out

JASPER COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The family of 40-year-old Anthony Bridges, who was murdered in Heidelberg Monday night, said they just want to know why this happened.

"Only thing I really want to know is why did they do it?" said Flora Bridges Jones, Bridges' mother. "That's what I want to know. Why? Because there's more to it than what they're saying."

Greta Scott, the victim's cousin, agreed.

"Just want answers, just simply, you want to know," Scott said. "Anytime something like this happens, any family on both sides just want to know why. And the nature of how they did it so close to home, that's a mother's worst nightmare."

Bridges Jones said she knew something was wrong when Bridges was not home from work at his usual time.

"We just found out Monday night that something happened to him," Bridges Jones said. "I was sitting at home waiting for him to get in, home from work, and I looked at my watch wondering what was taking him so long to get home. I don't like to go to bed unless he walked through those doors."

She said she cannot imagine why someone would have killed her son.

"He was the type of person he didn't bother (any)body," Bridges Jones said. "I believe he wasn't able to defend himself."

She said he worked at Southern Hens in Moselle and frequently asked people for a ride home. She said she does not know either of the the two suspects.

"We don't know them at all," Bridges Jones said. "Now, Anthony would catch a ride--he'd catch a ride from Moselle to Laurel. If he sees anybody at that gas station, he'll say 'man could you give me a ride?' He'll catch them."

Bridges had a 12-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son, and his mother said his children were the center of his life.

"He's got two children, and they're all choked up too," Bridges Jones said. "Those children were his life. He loved those children, and he'd go to bat for those children. That's what he worked for everyday."

"He was a man who loved his children and loved his mother," Scott said. "If any father wanted to learn something from him, he wanted to take care of his kids. And he always went to work to take care of his daughter and his son. And they loved him passionately, just like he loved them."

Bridges Jones said she is not sure if her son knew the two men before the incident Monday night.

Both Scott and Bridges Jones said they will not be able to have closure until they know why Anthony was killed.

"I need that," Bridges Jones said. "I need that. I pray to God have mercy upon their souls. That's all I could say."

Scott agreed with Bridges Jones.

"It's hard to get closure without," Scott said. "It's just like somebody went missing and you never find them. And how are you supposed to get closure from that? So if we had some answers, not that it would take the pain away, but it just adds--you just want to know why. Even if it was an argument or something, you'll know how it came about."

Scott said funeral arrangements are scheduled for Monday afternoon at Spring Hill Methodist church in Paulding, Mississippi, with Pastor Louis Johnson.