Forrest County Sheriff: beware of phone scam

Forrest County Sheriff: beware of phone scam
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FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Investigators with the Forrest County Sheriff's department are urging people to be aware of an ongoing scam that is targeting Forrest County residents.

According to investigators, Forrest County residents are receiving phone calls and being told they have an outstanding warrant for not showing up for jury duty, and requesting money for payment.

"We will never solicit any type of payment over the phone, if we have warrants for you we are not going to call you, we will either correspond by mail or in person," said Forrest County Investigator Nick Calico.

"Don't give them any information; if you continuously get the same phone call you can block that number because this time they are all coming from the same number," said Calico.

The number is a (601) number, and is generally calling cell phones, so investigators say it should be easy to block.

The callers are asking for roughly $500.00 on a Green-Dot Money card, or asking money to be sent to an account to prevent you (the resident) from going to jail.

"Do not give them any information, you can contact us if you any questions just to notify us, if you have any questions the number is 601-544-7800," said Calico.