State flag supporters react to ad calling for flag change

State flag supporters react to ad calling for flag change

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Some Pine Belt residents, who support the Mississippi state flag, are reacting to a recent open letter in a statewide newspaper that called for the Confederate battle emblem to be removed.

Some famous Mississippians signed that ad, which appeared in the Clarion-Ledger's Sunday paper on Aug. 16. They included John Grisham, Jimmy Buffet, Archie Manning and Morgan Freeman.

But, dozens of people who gathered in Laurel Saturday morning for a rally in support of the flag said the design should remain as it is.

"It's about heritage, it's about history and they're trying to take that away from us," said Ray Peacock, a rally participant from Perry County. "So, all of these well-known actors and athletes and all that are against this, I'm pretty much against what they believe in, because they're against what we believe in."

"All this is about is politics and money, that's what I think," said Trish Brady, of Stringer, another rally participant. "I'm going to keep flying my flag. They can sign (the letter) all they want to."

"(Entertainers) promote more corruption and corrupt the minds of our children more than anybody else in this country," said Kevin Greenwood, another rally participant from Lucedale. "What right does any movie star have to come over here and complain about my flag, I don't care if you were born here."

Saturday's rally included a convoy of several dozen vehicles through parts of Jones County.  Most of them were flying Mississippi or Confederate flags.

The rally was organized by a group called, "Leave Our Flag Alone."