5-year-old Laurel girl receives heart transplant

5-year-old Laurel girl receives heart transplant

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - It was a homecoming more than 100 days in the making Friday for five-year-old Jenna Wilson of Laurel.

For more than three months, she has been in the hospital battling a heart condition.  In May, her mom, Jessica Wilson, said her daughter was complaining of a stomach ache so they took her to the hospital.

"We first thought it was appendicitis and then we took her to the doctors and they sent us for a cat scan," Jessica Wilson said.

But Jenna Wilson's condition was much worse.

"They did a chest x-ray and decided to send us to Batson," Jessica Wilson said.

Jenna Wilson's heart and organs were beginning to fail, so she needed a heart transplant.

"(Doctors) told us she's either going to get better, she's going to need some medication, she's going to need a heart transplant or she possibly could not make it, "Jessica Wilson said.

After seven open heart surgeries, Jenna received a miracle when she was granted a heart transplant.

"It's a miracle, an absolute miracle, there's no other way to describe it other than that," Jessica Wilson said.

After all she has endured, Jenna Wilson is doing well. She still has limited abilities, but her mother said she will still get to be a normal kid.