Chinese translators visit Pine Belt to sample southern culture

Chinese translators visit Pine Belt to sample southern culture

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Ten Chinese citizens who serve as translators for an American program in China are visiting the Pine Belt to get a crash course in American language and culture.

They're interns who work with the organization "Bring Me Hope." For more than a week, they've been visiting schools and farms in Jones and Forrest counties, while learning CPR, fire safety and more about the English language.  Back home in China, they help Americans who run summer camps for Chinese orphans.

"We take the orphans out of the orphanages and we put on camps at five locations in China and these guys act as translators between the orphans and these Americans that are over there doing this," said Jessica McKinnon, coordinator of the Mississippi Internship Program for "Bring Me Hope."

"I don't have a culture shock, but everything I experienced here is very meaningful and memorable, because it's very different from what we have in China," said Zhou Wen, one of the interns.

"I like the accent here, the English here and that will be very helpful for my English skills and speaking," said An Cong, another intern.

Their visit to the U.S. will wrap up Sunday.