Hattiesburg schools receive strategic plan

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Public School District received its strategic plan Thursday night from consulting firm P3 Strategies, LLC, which it contracted with this summer.

P3 Strategies worked with nearly 100 school and community leaders to learn what the needs and interests were for HPSD in order to craft a five year strategic plan for the district.

"I've heard a lot of positive things about everybody that was involved in the process, and they really appreciate being valued and an opportunity to be heard," HPSD Superintendent James Bacchus said about the process.

The plan, which will be presented to the school board for a vote, includes items ranging from technology implementations to teacher training to early learning.

"I'm excited about the potential of Hattiesburg," P3 President Pamela Shaw said. "I think you have a real renaissance getting ready to happen in the community, and there are people who are willing to come on board and work with the students in this district."

Shaw said the district has the option to continue consulting with P3 to execute the plan or do so on their own, but the current contract has ended for this stage of the process.