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Katrina Untold

Katrina Untold Katrina Untold

We all remember Katrina. We remember where we were. We remember the sound of the storm, the moment we lost power, breathing in the bitter smell of gasoline. We remember banding together to clean streets, and cook whatever leftover food we had before it rotted. We remember weeping, trembling in fear. We remember building each other up after the storm tried to tear us down. We remember moving forward. These stories you are about to read you will not remember. These stories have never been reported. These stories have been silenced for 10 years. This is Katrina Untold.

Katrina Untold: "We needed ice," -Billy Mcgee

Katrina Untold: Through the Governor's Eyes

Katrina Untold: Disaster Do Us Part

Katrina Untold: Home Sweet Hurricane Shelter

Katrina Untold: Randy Swan, In His Own Words

Katrina Untold: Robin Roberts, In Her Own Words 

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