Making a difference: Tillery Dental helps man in need

Making a difference: Tillery Dental helps man in need

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jones County resident Clarence Mosley has been without his dentures for eight months. He said he had surgery in December at a local hospital and left his dentures on his food tray, and when he woke up, they were gone.  A few months ago he reached out to WDAM for help.

"It's been miserable," Mosley said. "I eat a lot of boiled vegetables and mashed potatoes. If I can't mash it up on the roof of my mouth with my tongue, I can't eat it."

He said financially he cannot afford another pair.

"Doctor bills, I mean they're just stacking up on me," Mosley said. "I can't afford to pay but about $25 to each one of them and I don't pay every one of them every month."

Mosley said he feels embarrassed without teeth.

"I hate to be seen without my dentures," he said. "I don't get out in public."

He said his mindset has changed.

"I'm depressed and things are getting on my nerves," Mosley said.

After hearing his story WDAM began reaching out to several dentists. Tillery Dental in Hattiesburg did not hesitate and offered to pay for Mosley's dentures.

Mosley was so shocked he did not know what to say. His wife could not hold back her tears.

"I've never had nothing like this happen," Mosley said. " (I'm) 63-years-old, everything I've got I have raked and scraped to get it, God knows I appreciate that."

Mosley went to his first dentist appointment in July. Doctor Tyler Cummins began the first process for the dentures and took an impression of Mosley's mouth. After several minutes the molds were made.

Mosley has two more dentist visits to make. He is expected to receive his dentures in about two weeks.

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