Palazzo: Clinton investigation about justice, not politics

Palazzo: Clinton investigation about justice, not politics

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Saturday addressed the controversy surrounding the investigation into her private email server used while she was secretary of state.

"The facts are I did not send or did I receive materials marked classified," Clinton said, as she campaigned at the Iowa State Fair, according to the Associated Press.

But, Mississippi congressman Steven Palazzo (R-4th Dist.) does not trust Clinton and said Congress will continue to investigate the issue.

"I think hindsight is going to judge her as not being as honest and forthright as she should be and we're going to continue in Congress to subpoena whatever information and any persons to see if she's broken any laws," Palazzo said. "It's not just presidential politics, we can't ignore it just because it's a presidential election, we have to pursue justice anywhere, anytime."

Palazzo attended a ceremony honoring World War II veterans in Lamar County Friday.