LDP officers train for high speed pursuits

LDP officers train for high speed pursuits

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Laurel Police Department went on several high speed chases Thursday morning. It's all part of a training course they have to take twice a year.

"A police officer is ten times more likely than the average citizen to be involved in a traffic accident and that's basically because they're called upon to drive in these situations," said training officer Capt. Bill Sparrow. 

All officers including Chief Tyrone Stewart have to take an eight hour class and a written exam before coming out to the training course.

"They have a time limit they have to do it in and they have to do it clean with no cones, they can't hit a cone," said Sparrow.

Sparrow said the training will help prevent accidents and protect the officer's lives.

"They get to practice some of the skills that they may have to put into use during emergency driving or a pursuit on the streets," said Sparrow. "They do have to chase people, they do have to run with lights and sirens on to get as quickly as possible going through intersections and what we're trying to do is to teach them how to do that safely.

Twenty-four hours of in service training is required for all police officers in the state of Mississippi.

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